Need Help For Locations

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Need Help For Locations

Post by [XPS]Shrill » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:15 am

Hi guys, if you get bored and fancy helping out then I'm always in need of locations for the following:
  • House Locations
  • Purchasable Vehicle Spawn Locations
  • Export Car Spawns
  • Export Car Drop Off Locations
  • Cash Drop Locations (Add description eg. top of building at LSAIR)
  • Weapon Pickups in Deathmatches
  • Other Pickup ideas you have?
I've made /savepos in-game which basically saves your co-ordinates both on foot and in vehicle straight to my server files.
You can also add a message after /savepos which will add a comment so I know what the location is for!

Thanks :D

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