BetaTesta Application

Enjoy our server and want to lend a hand? Fill out an application form and we'll decide if you're right for the team.
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BetaTesta Application

Post by BetaTesta » Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:34 pm

In Game Name:BetaTesta
Your Age:25
Your Country:Philippines
Hours Online Daily: 11/10/2018 22 Hours online. But I can online 5-7 hours a day.
Favourite Stunt Area/Jump:/damstunt
In Game Score:392

Why do you want to become part of the team?
It is my priority job as an admin to catch rule breakers and help people. As I said above I have enough experience on SA-MP. Another reason is that the current activities of existing admins are not enough. I've tried to look this positive, from my point. I'd love to use my online time to help people on the server, I am playing. If you guys give me a chance, I won't disappoint you. Regardless, I'll keep prove my activity. So you should accept me because, I am an active, helpful, mature, experienced and an old player, 'not known as a hacker' here. I want to be an admin to catch rule breakers and help players here.

What do you think you can bring to the team?This server needs more admins I am tired of people getting advantage with hacks against clean players. Right, it is a game. But no one wants someone ruin his spree with 'bullsh*ts. Sure /ban is not the only thing that admins should do. A good admin should take care bug abusers-rule breakers as well.

Let's talk about my history of SA-MP,AssaultFirePH, and admin experiences. I've played in many servers before. And I was an admin in some of this Assault Fire PH and Extreme mission. Once upon a time, I used cheats like every SA-MP player. Don't get it wrong. All I'm trying to say is that I'm an experienced player on SA-MP and I know how cheats-bugs etc. works. I am pretty known DM'ing abilities. I know how to cbugging and I know what is aimbot, fh, sh, ab, rapid fire and I know how to detect it.

I will follow the rules with all my honor and respect I will follow the rules and respect them.

English : My English is not perfect. But I can understand it, write it and speak it. I can say one or another sentence understandable. If I can describe a way or if I can say my problem and take my answer of my question, that is enough for me. Also, I have to improve my English not only for this application, for my future irl. There are many people who don't understand English. I am aware of that this makes he admin position a bit harder. But no problem. I'll deal with community members who don't understand English.

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Re: BetaTesta Application

Post by [XPS]Shrill » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:07 pm

Thank you for your detailed application. A perfect example of what we need.

I'm happy to accept this application.

Hopefully I'll see you in-game soon and I can promote you. :)