Change Log v6.2

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Change Log v6.2

Post by admin » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:18 pm

This is mainly an admin system and general bug fixing update again. Hopefully more content next time!

Recent Updates
Crash issue at Doherty Garage/Wang Cars resolved.
Fixed /vel not enabling velocity boost when a value is entered first.
Added shortened and alternative commands (/giveweapon to /giveweap or /weap, /givecash to /cash, /tp to /goto etc)
Added some code on OnVehicleSpawn to remove & re-add the 3Dtext for Vehicle Ownership. (Prevent bug of floating text when vehicle despawns?)
Fixed 3Dtext for Vehicle Ownership not re-adding when a player disconnects.
Did some tweaking to Vehicle Objects, now they are linked to vehicleid rather than playerid.
Arrays now clear when the Vehicle Objects remove. (May need further testing?)
Added /vremove + /vrespawn as Owner commands. (Testing purposes only)
Fixed playerobject placement on Sandking which I tweaked by accident on the previous update.
Increased time between PayDay's from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
Give weapon command now uses names as well as weapon id's. (/giveweap ak47 100)
Certain staff commands now function on normal players when they try to use them. (/kill /eject /kick etc)
Made certain staff commands work without playerid params if staff want to use the commands on themselves. (/time /weather etc)
Started making popular staff commands use PlayerName as well as playerid. (/slap [XPS]Shrill will work the same as /slap 0)
Spotted a mistake with property ownership re-writing one of the previously owned properties due to an array error, this is now fixed.
Fixed /staff so it shows the correct role per staff member.
Added LastLogOut to the Database so we can keep an eye on player inactivity.
Made players able to keep weapons on teleport. (We'll experiment to see how this goes in regards to unnecessary player killings)
Made select data save straight to the database when changed to keep running backups up to date.
Possibly fixed countdown dropping to minus figures on a race start. (Needs further testing)

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Re: Change Log v6.2

Post by Mouse » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:41 pm

I have to be honest that I've been waiting for this for days, I even collected a list of some of the bugs to be fixed, but you caught up with me. :D

Great update, your desire for this still imprees me.

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