Change Log v6.0

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Change Log v6.0

Post by admin » Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:59 am

Not as feature full as I was hoping but this needed to be released so I could continue development.

Recent Updates
Added Deathmatch maps from old XPS! (/deathmatches or /dms)
Added random weapon loadouts for deathmatches.
Textdraw edits. (Again.)
Made /savepos available for anyone to use. (Helps us get co-ordinates for locations.)
Fixed weapon loadouts repeating each time you re-typed the deathmatch teleport.
Added Kill/Death ratio to statistics.
Starting to implement maps using new worlds. (First example is /aa)
Fixed /countdown using isplayerinrangeofpoint, now only shows for people close to the player who started it.
Fixed bug where certain ranges of vehicleids showed as owned even though they weren't.
Converted all loops to use foreach.
Fixed a previously overlooked bug with vehicle/zone textdraws running too many repeated instances in the background.
Added /vautopark to save vehicles where players left them without having to use /vpark all the time.
Added /autospawn to save players skin and last location when they disconnect. When they rejoin they'll automatically spawn where they left.
Also added the saving of player colors if /autospawn is used.
Changed the default player colors again, now from grey back to random colors.
Added /randomcolor so players can change their color randomly.
Merged scripts together for less remote functions being called and tidier/more optimised code.
Added plugins for debugging.

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Re: Change Log v6.0

Post by Mouse » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:49 pm

A fairly well-made part of the 6.0 version. I'll monitor the rest of the i hope up-coming updates.

Good job.

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