Change Log v5.9.7

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Change Log v5.9.7

Post by admin » Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:36 am

This is more of a bug fixing and code optimisation update rather than content, however it's still progress towards version 6.0.

Recent Updates
Fixed an infinite loop caused by stoprace and endrace.
Fixed a bug that happens when the random race timer starts a race that you're already in and it kicks you out.
Added gametext to show the 30 second race timer before starting a race.
Increased vehicle respawn rate from 1 minute to 10 minutes.
Fixed a bug when spawning a new vehicle it replaced the export vehicle.
Added player /stats.
Added ability for players to damage the export vehicle. It now has to be over 500 health to be accepted.
DINI to Database Conversion for Player + Vehicle files!
Registration now necessary before spawn.
Changed chat colors of information commands in game. (eg /commands /teleports)
Merged /carmod & /vmod to just /tune and merged /carcolor & /vcolor to just /color.
Also added /paint for changing the paintjob and /hydro for adding hydraulics.
Tweaked prices. (/tune = $2500, /hydro = $500, /paint = $1000, /color = $1500)
Vehicle Ownership now supports 5 vehicle slots per person!
Increased time between server restarts from two hours to six hours.
Adjusted vehicle prices. (Temp all set at $100k, will adjust accordingly in future.)
Made showroom vehicles owned by "SERVER" so they can't be bought. (I like the showroom. :lol:)

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Re: Change Log v5.9.7

Post by Mouse » Fri Apr 27, 2018 9:06 am

After all these years you are working hard to provide good updates even if we are short with playerbase. Amazing.

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