Change Log v5.9.5

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Change Log v5.9.5

Post by admin » Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:32 pm

I'm not ready for version 6.0 yet, but I've done alot of work so decided to release v.5.9.5 with these updates.

Recent Updates
Removed /car and /bike. Replaced with /vmenu.
Added /calc. (Basic Mathematics Calculator.)
Added OnPlayerConnect intro from old XPS. (Camfall + Gametext.)
Custom script to quick-mod all spawned cars called from OnStaticVehicleEx.
Added some more (fun) commands for Global Mods.
Added various car spawn commands: /elegy /turismo /nrg /quad /monster /banjo /tank /911 /penisvan /roflcopter
Made registration necessary before spawn. (Awaiting further feedback on this.)
Added Import/Export missions. (Grab the target vehicle, take it to a drop off point for cash.)
Added /staffapp (Staff Application) in game.
Moved teleport textdraws box further to the right.
Added 50 shades of "grey" for random player colors.
Added /bobsled and /bobsled2 from old XPS.
Fixed issues with /infernus. (One of the attached objects caused a crash in /aair.)
Also fixed modded vehicles overwriting themselves when being spawned.

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Re: Change Log v5.9.5

Post by Mouse » Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:04 am

Good Job. Keep up :)

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