Change Log v5.7

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Change Log v5.7

Post by admin » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:21 pm

Recent Updates
AFK now changes your name to let other players know you are /AFK. Also fixed it logging you out on a server restart.
Fixed /ramp and /rampoff, now you only need to type /ramp to add or remove your ramp.
Added /speedbonus, now you can get cash for getting to insane speeds.
Drift Stats fix, now you shouldn't get points whilst doing high jumps. You may still get points on the lower stunt parks though.
Added reaction system. Quickly write a complicated combination of numbers/letters/symbols to earn quick cash.
Added math test system. Quickly add up some small numbers to earn more quick cash.
Vehicle Neon System overhauled, you can now add and remove neons from your personal vehicles whenever you wish too.
You can use /vgoto and /vget to goto and retrieve your personal vehicle!

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