Change Log v6.1

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Change Log v6.1

Post by admin » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:03 am

Huge update for the server. More content and plenty of bug fixes.

Recent Updates
Server Logs, Profiles & Databases now backup every two hours.
Player health resets to 100 on player spawn due to intro explosion bug.
IVO modded vehicle objects now stay when a player exits their car, however they will still remove on playerdeath/vehicledeath/playerdisconnect.
Debugging seems to work, found gettime() being called about 815 million times on a server restart so that's been fixed with a new piece of code.
Added Cash Drops! Cash pickups spawn at random locations and players have to find them.
Fixed /skyport teleport and map bug.
Added Drift Scores, Kill Streaks & Cash Drops to /stats.
Added 3Dtext to vehicles loaded by the vehicle ownership system.
Added driveable trains to the three major train stations.
Also added /freight, /tram1, /tram2 and /tram3 to the tram line in SF.
Added /airbreak for moderators and above. (Bit laggy, still WIP)
Added /vel which gives a custom velocity boost when pressing ctrl. (Usage /vel 1.0, /vel 2.0) etc.
Added vehicle model names to the database, this now shows on the 3Dtext.
Created foundations for Property Ownership! You will be able to buy and sell properties ranging from houses, hotels & businesses.
Added 3Dtext for properties showing price and who they are owned by.
Made Payday dynamic, it now is $500 x your score every five minutes.
Added earnings to hotels & businesses. These get paid at the same time as Payday.
Added various commands to edit vehicles & properties for administrators and above. (Check /vhelp & /phelp)
Added random time & weather changes every ten minutes.
Added more commands for players to set time & weather.
Added more commands for staff such as /setworld, /setallworld, /setinterior, /setallinterior.
Added /me for players. (Action chat)
Added /flash for VIP's so they can flash their player marker.
As a bonus to /flash, the vehicle they drive also flashes different colors.
Fixed a few things staying activated (ie boost, speed bonus) for players when they join with the same playerid as the previous player.
Current race leaderboards merged into server database.
About 300 houses and businesses added to the database. (These'll need sorting correctly over time)
Added /setgravity and /setallgravity. (/setgravity sets a players gravity but is uses timers and is very experimental)
Added more car pickup + delivery locations for export missions.
Added more cash drop locations.
Fixed major bug where I forgot to clear arrays for new players joining and they ended up getting the same stats as the previous player.

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